Joint Venture formed by SK ENMOVE and Repsol Petróleo

Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, S.A. ILBOC, is a company incorporated in 2012 and owned 30% by Repsol Petróleo and 70% by SK Enmove, for the manufacture of state-of-the-art lubricant bases (Group II and III) in the industrial plant located in the Escombreras Valley, Cartagena.

Repsol Petróleo is the leading refining company in Spain and SK ENMOVE is a pioneer company in South Korea and world leader in the high quality lubricant base oil market.


ILBOC is made up of a young, diverse and highly qualified team, in which each one of us brings a unique and original way to finding solutions. A group committed to both the values ​​of the company and the constant pursuit of excellence.

For ILBOC, undoubtedly, employees are our most important asset.


10 years without accidents
(Muprespa Fraternity 2023)

Wireless Excellence in Automation
(ISA100 2019)

Most innovative company in the Region of Murcia
(COIIRM 2019)

Xcellens to preventive management
(ASPY 2018)

Business Excellence
(COEC 2015)